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榜单电子舞曲风Drake,SZA《Slime You Out》抖音热门歌曲MP3下载

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榜单电子舞曲风Drake,SZA《Slime You Out》抖音热门歌曲MP3下载

榜单电子舞曲风Drake,SZA《Slime You Out》抖音热门歌曲MP3下载

很多人把Marvin's Room奉为神作,可同类型的歌曲里我更能从Tory Lanez的《Jokes On Me》里获得共鸣,前有凯莉詹娜跟甜茶演唱会亲热,后绯闻女友SZA跟鸭子合作。深夜一直循环后半段,Drake在叙述着每个月份,就像一遍又一遍在回味2023年每一个月的心情。

榜单电子舞曲风Drake,SZA《Slime You Out》抖音热门歌曲MP3下载

I don't know, I don't know what's wrong with you girls
I feel like y'all don't need love
You need somebody who could micro-manage you
You know what I'm sayin'? Tell you right from wrong
Who's smart from who's the fool
谁是聪明人 谁是傻蛋
Which utensil to use for which food, like
I got a schedule to attend to though
I can't really

You bitches really get carried away
Makin' mistakes then you beg me to stay
一次又一次犯错 然后你求我留下来
Got me wiggin' on you like I'm Arrogant Tae
让我像Arrogant Tae一样傻傻为你等待(Arrogant Tae 是一位发型和假发造型师,找他剪头发要预约很久)
You got my mind in a terrible place
Whipped and chained you like American slaves
Act like you not used to Sheraton stays
你表现得好像你不习惯住在Sheraton Hotel一样
I met the nigga you thought could replace
How were there even comparisons made?
Bitch, next time, I swear on my grandmother grave
I'm slimin' you for them kid choices you made
我们只是短暂的鱼水之欢 就像Halle Berry在儿童选择奖上被泼一头黏液(slime双关,而且这首歌的宣传封面也是Halle Berry的这一造型)
Slimin' you out, slimin' you out, slimin' you out
Ayy, this ain't the littest, I could get on you bitches
Send wires on wires on wires, like Idris
不断给你汇款转账 就像Idris Elba(Send wires 指的是银行帐户之间资金的直接电子转账)
You lucky that I don't take back what was given
I could have you on payment plan 'til you're hundred and fifty
And my slime right here, she got some bars for y'all niggas
我兄弟伙就在这 妩媚女郎给你们准备了点好东西
So I'ma fall back and let SZA talk her shit for a minute
所以我得下场一会 让SZA上来跟你们聊聊
Slimin' you out, slimin' you out, slime
Damn, these niggas got me so twisted
How the **** you so real, but play bitch on my line?
你假装很真实的模样 却不知好歹的在我这耍贱
I can feel what you spendin'
Got too much pride to let no burnt nigga slime me out
我相当骄傲 没有让其他人来染指我
Pull up, go ride about, my night, got time
停下 兜一圈 我的夜晚还未结束
Let's discuss all those lies about
Frontin' out here, like you dickin' me out
And I ain't even comin', numbin' it out
我都没想过去那些事情 我依然进进出出
And you ain't 'bout the shit you rappin' about
And I can spin the ho, I'm airin' it out
我可以揭露她的秘密 也可以全身而退
I'm goin' on like it's sawed-off
我也可以抄家伙解决掉那个第三者(引用“SOS”中的热单“Kill Bill”)
You tell these hoes you ain't cuddlin'
But with me you know, doing all that shit
但对我来说 你懂的
You tellin' these hoes you ain't trickin' off
But with me you know, I'm gon' get it all
但对我来说 你懂的 我一定会得到一切
How you niggas get so carried away?
Trippin' when that dick is barely third place
****ed out of pity, it's cute that you lame
收起你那蹩脚的怜悯 你一烂到底的模样真可爱
Dip cause it’s mid I can’t fake liking sex
你实在无法勾起我的感觉 即使是在缠绵也是一样
Slimin' you out, I'm slimin' you out, I'm slimin' you out
Oh-woah, woah
Yeah, January, you pretend to see life clearly, yearly
一月 你假装看清了生活 年年如此
February is the time that you put the evil eye and the pride aside
二月 你暴露出了你狂妄自大的本性
For the fantasy of gettin' married, very scary
却还在幻想与我步入婚姻殿堂 太可怕了
March got you already second guessin' titles
April, Spring is here and just like a spring you start to spiral
四月春天来临 随着万物复苏你开始辗转思绪
May brings some warmer days
Poolside gettin' very tan
June have you movin' ice cold, goin' back and forth with a married man
即使身处六月你也化身冰山美人 你在和一个老男人你来我往
July, that's when I found out you lied
直到七月 那时我才发现你满口谎言
August, it was "Baby this," "Baby that," like you had your tubes tied
八月你张口闭口宝贝来宝贝去 就像你结扎了一样
September, we fallin' off, but I'm still the man you tryna win over
九月我们渐行渐远 而我仍然是你想要携手的另一半
October is all about me 'cause your turn should've been over
十月是属于我的 因为你该淡出我的生活了
November, got your moodboardin' for next year and you're single
就在十一月 收拾心情准备开始新的一年 而你还是单身
December the gift givin' month and now you wanna rekindle, I
十二月是送礼物的月份 而现在你想要重燃爱火
Tryna build trust, showin' me your DMs, how they tryna bag you
要试着建立信任 先给我看看你的私信 看看他们是如何想要欺骗你的
Ironic how the news I got about you ended up bein' bad news
讽刺的是 关于你的消息最后都变成了坏消息
Get a nigga hit for fifty racks, girl, the beef cost like it's Wagyu
五万美金悬赏对手人头 姑娘 这纷争/这牛肉就像霓虹国和牛一个价格
Get a nigga hit, I'll make his ass see the light, like a half-moon
给他来一下子 我让他“看到光明” 就像天上的半月一般
Shout to QC, pretty sure I made P Ms like it's past noon
给QC厂牌的兄弟足够的尊重 确保我像Pierre “P” Thomas一样 在午后时间就入账数百万美元
All I really know is Ws and Ms, life lookin' like a bathroom
我眼里就只有利益和金钱 生活看起来就像浴室
All I really know is M bags, like I drove through and ordered fast food
我只知道挣钱要几百万的挣 就像我带着快餐开车进来一样(M双关麦当劳快餐袋/一百万美金)
Sayin' that I'm too guarded with my feelings, who the **** even asked you?
整天说我对自己的感情太过谨慎 谁问你了??
Seven bodyguards, just in case somebody really wanna try and crash through
随身七个安保 以防有人想闯进来
Don't know why I listen to you when I hear you talkin' to me, it's some half truth
不知道为什么 当我听到你说话的时候 我会听你告诉我你说的是半真半假
If I don't pay your rent, it end up like a old hairstyle, girl, that's past due
如果我不给你买账 那我们的关系看起来就像旧发型 早成过去式了
If I don't—
Ah, ah, that's as far as I got
“我就先说这么多了,10月6日在For All The Dogs相见。”

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